S120B PON ID Meter

S120B is an intelligent that instrument for home broadband service maintenance. It is used to get information and PPPOE accounts of online users’ ONT. It’s also can be used to release the splitter port that is not connected to the ONT. It is only need to connect at the splitter, no need to enter the home. It’s valid for testing GPON or EPON.


1. User information verification function in PON network
The S120B network verifier reads the user equipment ONT resource data information, so that it can be read for the purpose of resource verification:
—-SN read
—-Password read
—-LOID read
—-PPPoE broadband account reading
—-Equipment manufacturer identification

2. ONU Status Detect
The S120 network verifier has a port release function, which can effectively remove virtual occupied line ports, and can test:
Online: indicates that the subscriber line is in normal use.
Offline: It indicates that the optical fiber of the user is connected to the optical modem, but the optical modem is not powered on.
Falling off: indicates that the user’s fiber is not connected to the optical modem, and the line resource may be a spare resource.

3. Line resources to fiber
The S120 network verifier tests the online user information through the multi-user test at the front end of the optical splitter. After the user pulls out the fiber under the optical splitter, the meter will automatically pop up the user information to confirm the line correspondence.

4. Power test function
The S120 network verifier can perform uplink and downlink optical power testing, and has an independent optical power meter function.
Red light source function
The S120 network verifier has a red light source function, which can reduce the workload of engineering personnel.

5. Network automatic identification function (only for models with GPON and EPON dual-mode test functions)
The S120 network checker has the function of automatically identifying the network mode, whether it is GPON or EPON, it can be automatically identified during the test.

6. Self-check function of device port cleanliness
The cleanliness of the equipment interface can be intuitively judged through the equipment self-check function, so as to prevent the interface from being too dirty to affect the accuracy of the inventory.

7. Instrument display
The meter LCD and the mobile phone platform software display test data synchronously. The data includes the following contents: SN, PASSWORD, LOID, PPPoE broadband account number, uplink and downlink power, and displayed on the meter in the form of a QR code to facilitate scanning and entry.

8. Resource data management cloud platform


s120b pon id meter 7s120b pon id meter 8


Model S120B
Connection Series connect and Point to Point
Verification SN, MAC, PassWord, LOID, PPOE Account
ONU status detect Online, Offline ,Fall off
Power test range -45 ~ +10dBm(1310/1490/1550nm/1625nm)
Power supply 6000mAh Lithium Battery


1. Test in the secondary junction box:
1) The user’s optical fiber is connected to the optical modem device and the user authentication number is tested when it is normally turned on:
—-If it is consistent with the PON port label information and the network management center, the resource information is accurate;
—-If there is any inconsistency, it can be rectified
2) If the test user authentication number matches the network management data, and the user is a long-term arrears user, the user’s resources can be released as appropriate
3) If the subscriber line is not connected to the subscriber optical modem, the PON port resources of the line can be released directly

s120b pon id meter 9

User terminal information test and terminal status test
2. Test at the front end of the splitter:
1) Obtain the LOID information of the optical modems of all online users under the splitter
2) Use the splitting information under the splitter to control the resource topology
3) The corresponding fiber can be found by unplugging the fiber (unplug the user, the user’s LOID will automatically be displayed as a lost user on the meter)

s120b pon id meter 10
3. Rectification of lines without markings and marking errors
After passing the above tests, we can effectively obtain user information and the first and second levels of the corresponding relationship between the lines, and effectively rectify the lines without identification and identification errors in the PON network to achieve the purpose of effective resource rectification.

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