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S357 5G PDA

The new generation 5G PDA adopts the Snapdragon high-performance platform and it developed with Android 12 OS. Basic on functions of OPM, VFL, IPTV emulation, NFC, it also supports 5G communication technology and adopts 160M WiFi6 wireless + 2.5G wired network solution. Our new 5G PDA create the highest level in the industry!


1. Hand hold position thickness is 60% of current our 4G equipment, width is also reduced by 1cm, hand feeling is close to a mobile phone

2. 5G High speed network connection and 5g wireless network optimization data acquisition

3. Dual antenna 160M bandwidth WiFi6
To meet the building construction acceptance requirements of FTTR

4. Wired Performance: 2.5G + 1G dual Lan port
The 2.5G network port can realize wired network speed test above 2000M

5. Platform: Android 12 OS

6. Fast charging


s357 5g pda 7

s357 5g pda 8



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