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S800 1G/10G Pon Power Meter

S800 PON power meter is specially designed for PON network construction and maintenance which can be connected between OLT and ONT. The 1G/10G signal (1270nm/1310nm/1490nm/1577nm) can be measured synchronously online and optical power value can be displayed with this meter. It has special burst mode measurement function and you can process accurate burst optical power measurement to upstream PON signal of 1270/1310nm. You can process pass/fail analysis conveniently through multiple users’ adjustable threshold of every wavelength. It adopts 32 digits CPU with low power consumption, so the functions are more powerful and rapid. More conveniently measurement for field and equipment site owes to friendly operation interface. It’s a useful site test tool for the engineers of PON network and maintenance operators.

Product Features

Can test 4 wavelength power of PON system synchronously: 1270nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1577nm
Supply 3 groups of threshold values for operator’s choice, analyze and display pass/fail status
Relative value (differential loss)
Support storage function
32 digits CPU, easy to operate, simple and convenient
Auto power off, low voltage power off

Product Parameters

Standard wavelengths 1270








Pass zone(nm) 1260~1280 1290~1330 1470~1505 1570~1585
Range(dBm) -30~+10 -30~+10 -45~+10 -45~+10
Isolation 1270nm(dB) >30 >40 >40
Isolation 1310nm(dB) >30 >40 >40
Isolation 1490nm(dB) >40 >40 >40
Isolation 1577nm(dB) >40 >40 >40
Uncertainty(dB) ±0.5
Polarization Dependent Loss (dB) <±0.25
Linearity(dB) ±0.1
Through Insertion Loss(dB) <1.5
Resolution 0.01dB
Unit dBm/xW
Storage items 99
Auto off time 10 minutes
Battery 7.4V 1000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery or dry battery
Continuous working time 10 hours for Li-ion battery, dry battery depend on battery brand, about 8 hours
Working temperature -10~50℃
Storage temperature -25~70℃
Dimension (mm) 200*90*43
Weight (g) about 330g

Application and After-Sales Service:

PON network construction and maintenance
1 year warranty

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