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ST230D Tel Line Tester

ST230D Tel Line Tester is a new kind of line fault tester with safety &multi-functions capabilities. Besides the basic functions as a common Tel Line Tester, it also has functions of high voltage protection and polarity indication, and so on. This Line Tester is a multi-functional tester. Thanks to its dumbbell shape, it can be put on the shoulder during operation, which successfully enables the operator to do other work conveniently at the same time. What is more, the operator can even go climbing as it can be hung in the tool belt of waist by the pothook. Regarding the material of shell, it is waterproof, dustproof, anti-break and high reliability.

Product Features

● Common telephone function: Dial, Ring, Talk
● Mute
● T/P switch
● High voltage protection (by fuse)
● Polarity indication by LED
● Volume adjust
● Pause
● Store phone number
● Monitoring function
● Last number redial
● Telecom Line Identifying (Telephone line, ISDN line, ADSL line)
● Dumbbell shape, small size, simple operation
● Special Dumbbell shape design
● Small size
● Easy operation
● Solid new materials for shell
● Waterproof and vibration proof

Product Parameters

● Dimension (mm): 232x73x95
● Weight (kg): ≤ 0.5
● Environment temperature: -10℃~55℃
● Relative humidity: 10%~95%
● Environment noise: ≤60dB
● Atmospheric pressure: 86~106Kpa

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: Used for Tel line tester line man set
After-Sales Service: 1 year warranty

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