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ST3900 Optical Fiber Tool Kit

ST3900 fiber optic tool kits is especially used in the FTTx solution, combine the function of the in-door cable stripper, cleaver, cleaning, and testing. ST3900 fiber optic tool kits supports customized, you can choose what you need in the tool kit, such as:optical power meter, laser source, vfl, Leak-proof Alcohol Bottle, Rubber Covered Fiber Stripper, Fiber Optical Stripper, Diagonal Pliers, Fiber Optic Kevlar Scissors, Buffer Tube Stripper, Buffer Tube Slitter, Universal Round Cable Slitter, Optical Fiber Collector Box, Kimwipes Clean Wipers, Nipper and so on. This is a perfect tool kits in the fiber optic Installation and maintenance.

Product Features

Customized tool kits, just choose what you need.
Cleaning and testing, all in one.
High quality carrying bag, water-proof and sand-proof.
Accurate testing tools, help you do better.

Product Parameters

ST3900-JJ Leak-proof Alcohol Bottle
(1) Height: 12cm
(2) Diameter: 6cm
(3) Capacity: 250ML
(4) Alcohol pump size

ST3900-KB Rubber Covered Fiber Stripper
(1) Applicable: 3.1*2.0mm cable, the diameter is 125um, and the coating kayer diameter is 250um
(2) Materal: Driving parts adopt excellent chisel tool steel ,The head of punch tools which is made of special material makes punch tools more durable and Punch Tool bit and spring made of excellent metal strip and spring steel
(3) Life: No less than 10,000 times
(4) Working Stregth: 130N
(5) Length: 150mm
(6) Weight: 100g

ST3900-ML Fiber Optical Stripper (CFS-2)
Applied for: It uses to peel 250um coating of 125um fiber optic, 1.98mm open pore at the top uses to peel protective covering of fiber optic pigtail.
Hole No: 2
Material: manganese steel
Length: 165mm
Weight: 120g
Usage temperature: – 20 ℃ to 50 ℃
ST3900-XK Diagonal Pliers
(1) Anti-slide handle
(2) Material: High quality carbon steel, with special heat treatment.
(3) Surfacefinish: normal polished finish.
(4) Handle: PVC Double color handle.
(5) Heat treatment 56-61HRC on head.

ST3900 -KFL Fiber Optic Kevlar Scissors
Lightweight shears ideal for cutting Kevlar® strength members found in fiber optic cable construction
Ergonomic molded handles provide comfort for both right and left handed users
One micro-serrated blade reduces slippage for more positive cutting action
Serreated blade for gripping materials
Blades made of high carbon alloy steel with vanadium and molybdenum FHRC60-62, cutting adge hardness FHV1200
Blades made from high carbon molybdenum, and vanadium steel for long life
Handles made of thermo plastic elastomer
Extended tang for durability
Specially designed for cutting Kevlar materials
Length: 14 mm;
Weight: 79g

ST3900 -HS Buffer Tube Stripper
(1) Ideal removal tool for optical fiber loose casing horizontally
(2) Can be applied to 2 mm, 3 mm indoor optical cable sheath removal.
(3) Adjustable blade depth, in order to make sure it does not hurt optical fiber.
(4) Can be transverse cutting, can also be longitudinal cutting.
(5) Light weight, small volume, easy to operate.
(6) Suitable for twisted pair, tight package layer stranded cable, CATV cable.
(7) CB antenna cable, SO/SJ/SJT and other forms of power cable.

ST3900-ZS Buffer Tube Slitter
Cable can be processed:

ST3900-SN Optical Fiber Collector Box
(1) Material PP
(2) Size: 17*12*3.5cm

ST3900-QJ Kimwipes Clean Wipers
(1) Low dust, save a lot of cleaning time.
(2) Good wet strength, not easy broken.
(3) 100% original wood pulp with a special process.
(4) Pure Texture, efficient water absorption.
(5) Soft, no scratches on the wiped product surface.
(6) A variety of specifications to choose, to meet different needs.
(7) LINTGUARD antistatic film static and dust produced.

ST3900-NZ Nipper
Hgh quality Stainless steel material
Easy operation

Application and After-Sales Service

Used for FTTH FTTx
1 year warranty

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