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ST816B VFL Pen Size

ST816B 650nm visual fault locator or vfl has the function of fiber identification and faults locator of SM or MM fiber, it is a helpful assistant to dead zone of OTDR, visual fault locator is also a basic maintenance tool for fiber network, LAN, ATM fiber system and telecom network system.VFL Visual Fault Locator is a testing equipment in Fiber Optic field. It is also called Visible Laser/Light Source, Visible Red Light Source and etc. No matter what it is called, the point is the light it launched and transmitted in a fiber is visible by human eyes. Normally the central wavelength is 650nm, so the light can be seen as a bunch of red light. ST816B is small size, easy to field test, high quality pen type visual fault locator. It’s easy to operate identification of fiber break, bend, you can protect the fiber layer.

Product Features

–Support CW and 2Hz modulation work mode
–Solid: use special laser end design to avoid damage when dropping on the floor.
–Long working hours: use effective laser drive circuit to ensure 1mW/650nm locator can work more than 50 hours continuously.
–Stable power output: use special laser driver circuit, which can ensure stable power output in the low battery.
–2.5mm universal adapter: use 2.5mm universal adapter, can match SC, FC, ST adapters.

Product Parameters

Type ST816B-1 ST816B-3 ST816B-10 ST816B-15 ST816B-20 ST816B-25
Output Power 1mw 3mw 10mw 15mw 20mw 25mw
Wavelength 650nm±10nm
Light source LD laser
Connector 2.5mm universal adapter
Working mode CW or 2Hz modulation
Operating temperature -10~+60 °C
Storage temperature -20~+70 °C
Power 2pcs AA battery
Working hours ≥ 50(1mW)
Weight 78g(excluding batteries)
Dimension (mm) Φ:27; L:168

Application and After-Sales Service

For fiber network, LAN, ATM fiber system and telecom network system.
1 year warranty.

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