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ST820B Handheld Optical Fiber Ldentifier

ST820B Optical fiber identifier is an essential installation and maintenance instrument by inserting fiber into its adapter head, Optical fiber identifier can identify SM optical fibers without any damage by detecting the optical signals being transmitted through them so that avoid to opening the fiber at the splice point for identification and interrupting the service. It can quickly identify the direction of transmitted fiber and display the relative core power without any damages to the bended fiber. When the traffic is present, the intermittently audible tone is activated, it also recognize the modulation like,270Hz,1kHz and 2kHz .When they are used to detect the frequency, the continuously audible tone is activated.

Product Features

-wonderful streamline appearance
-multi adapter, easy replace
-test bare fiber, tight tube optical fiber, optical fiber jumper
-identify CW and modulated light 270HZ, 1KHZ, 2KHZ

Product Parameters

Identification wave length range: 800~1700nm
Sensitivity: -28dBm (@1550nm, bare fiber)
Identification signal type: CW, 270Hz±5%, 1KHz±5%, 2KHz±5%
Detector model: InGaAs (photosensitive interface: 1mm, 2PCS)
Continuous working time:>4 hours
6. Insert loss (1550nm): Φ250µm: 1.0dB, Φ900µm:0. 5dB, Φ3mm:0. 5dB
Detector type: Φ250µm bare fiber, Φ900µm jacketed fiber, Φ3mm trail fiber
Communication signal indicator: direction indicator light + noncontinuous buzzing + signal strength indicator light
Contrast light signal indicator: direction indicator light + frequency indicator light + continuous buzzing + signal strength indicator light

Application and After-Sales Service

For optical fiber installation and maintenance
1 year warranty

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