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STS824B WIFI Inspection Probe

STS824B WIFI optical fiber inspection probe transmits pictures to mobile phone through WIFI signal and display, easy to carry and clearly judge the condition of the optical fiber end, for example scratches and dirt. WIFI optical fiber inspection probe is built-in independent WIFI signal, with high-definition CCD and lens displays the image on the mobile phone. The whole series adapters can satisfy all kinds of optical fiber inspect demands.

Product Features

Longer use life and better imaging quality
Inner structureis newly designed to get longer use life, no matter how bad the environment is, the internal optical component will not deteriorate and the imaging quality is good.

Use WIFI signal, the connection is convenient and stable
Through WIFI signal connect to mobile phone, which is accord with modern society intelligent work mode and has stable connectivity. No matter factory environment or engineering site, our inspection probe always shows a stable and clear image.

Clear image acquisition software
The image signal transmitted to mobile phone will display clearly through developed image display software, which is easier to check different fiber ends inspection conditions and is satisfy with various test environments.

Many kinds products inspect function
It can work with many kinds of adapters which meet the testing requirements of check optical fiber connectors, optical transceiver modules, TOSA & ROSA components and other products.

Product Parameters

Magnification 200X
Resolution Ratio 0.5μm
Focusing Mode Manual
Video Signal Format WIFI signal transmission
Display Mobile screen display
Storage Temperature -20~50℃
Work Temperature -10~50℃
Power Dissipation 3W
Power Supply Inner 5V charging battery or external power
Work time for one time charge ≥5 hours
Dimensions 210mm*56mm*50mm
Weight 0.5kg

Application and After-Sales Service

Application: Used for optical fiber cleaning
After-Sales Service: 1 year warranty

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